25. And For That, I Thank You.

30 Nov

Your words are inspirational and your friends are wise. Thank you for sharing them with us, Deb.



24. What’s Your Twist?

30 Nov

The number of jobs for advertising and promotion managers should grow by about 13 percent between 2008 and 2018. The Bureau of Labor Statistics  indicates that this growth will occur largely because of the increased competition amongst businesses that wish to promote their products and beat out their competitors. Advertising account planners will be in demand, especially those who have a knack or reputation for creative and effective advertising insights.  (Jared Lewis)

As an aspiring planner, this news is encouraging. However, as a 2012 graduate with only 6 more months in the comfortable confines of college life- 2018 projections are FAR AWAY.

Rounding up fall term is truly a breath of fresh air. I can honestly confess that with two jobs and a full schedule of classes (not to mention trips out of state and college football weekends!), I’ve bit off more than I could chew. Fortunately, my time-management skills have improved since freshman year and I’ll manage to pull out of this term with my consistent GPA and a few pieces to show for my hard work.

I’m thankful for such a grueling term. A note to new challenges and old doubts alike, I’m better prepared this time. You won’t get me down, my friends.  I feel like I finally became aware and conscientious of life outside the college dreamland. And I know, now, that I can do that life. I can kick ass at it. Bring on the job search.

23. Welcome to the Word

27 Nov

Often times, life wraps you up in compromising circumstances. We people are stressed. Our relationships are tense. And we believe that each of us is the busiest of all. Often times, we absorb the content of our surroundings without truly seeing them. We hold back our opinions for the sake of time. We don’t try harder for fear it will command too much effort. We believe in a finite amount of life – and therefore, a finite amount of energy. And other times, we surprise ourselves with the unending energy we can muster. Our minds create reservations while our souls chant ‘get back to work’ ‘do not question your worth’ ‘do more with more for more’. As an ode to writers and creators everywhere, I quote Kathy Hepinstall. In the hum-drumness of dead week, remember this:


So pick up the damn pen, my friends. Don’t just move along.

22. Thanksgiving Weekend Has Evolved Into Something Horrible

27 Nov

Gone are the days when I looked forward to coming home for Thanksgiving weekend, taking my shoes off, and watching college football for three straight days. Not only did it take nearly four hours to make a 1.5 hr trip home from Eugene in mid-day traffic, but it took 30 minutes to drive the two miles from the freeway exit to my doorstep, due to crazy weekend shoppers. It wasn’t even black friday yet and the vehicles populating Portland area streets had tripled in one afternoon.

What happened to tradition? What happened to the holiday spirit? Our weakened economy welcomes commercial chaos. Marketing ploys have indirectly instigated violent uproars. People are getting hurt over discounted sale items. This is ridiculous, people.

According to James Roberts from Baylor University, “Shopping is like a drug.” And Americans are more addicted this year than ever. There are, however, ways to avoid the addiction.


21. I’m In Love

25 Nov

I’m always down to discover new cities. And I’ve been to many. But the amount of newfound love I have for the city of San Francisco is overwhelming me (and the people who are obligated to spend time with me). I visited for the millionth time over the weekend, but it was my first time without my family and I can honestly say that I plan on running to SF, diploma in hand, around Junetime. Staying on Union Street gave me so much design inspiration. Walking on the sidewalk, I sighed and thought, “THIS is what a charming city street is supposed to look like.” Oregon’s similar streets (like NW 23rd in Portland or Eugene’s Broadway) don’t even compare. The amount of thought and clean design that is injected into each and every store environment on Union motivates me to put more effort and thinking into the small details in my work. Here are a few examples of rockin’ Union signs:


20. Tracy Wong Quotes

17 Nov



19. I like making things

16 Nov

The holidays get me thinking about ways I can help other people. I plan on spending my break helping out with Autism Service Dogs of America training puppies and scooping up my busy family to head downtown and volunteer at the Soup Kitchen. I love investing time in things that I know are making a difference in the world. And thinking about those opportunities is much more fun than starting my ENG104 paper that’s due soon. I love this quote because it encompasses the spirit of the holidays AND offers a practical solution to a worldwide issue. So, I made something.