Now Business

16 Apr

Meredith Vaughan  from Vladamir Jones wrote an article for Adweek that truly sums up my outlook on my career aspirations. In my struggle to define who I want to be now, I’ve been advised to look into where I want to be five or ten years from now. At that point in time, I want my role to transcend its requirements. I want to be indispensable.

In order for that to happen though, I need to look at adding value to the account side. Vaughan talks about treating all clients as if you’re doing a new business pitch. I think this mentality could apply to life. ‘Good enough’ just simply isn’t good enough anymore. She offers helpful hints for account people that I believe could strengthen the validity of agency work.

  • 1. Work Fast (Add value to the relationship by behaving in unexpected ways)
  • 2. Really Listen (90% of the answers lie in the questions being asked)
  • 3. Stand Behind Your Pricing Structure (Clients who don’t want to pay you what you are worth aren’t clients you want to work with)
  • 4. Learn From Failure. Don’t Be Demoralized By It.

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