20 Feb

If there is anything that 2012 has taught me yet, it is that life changes. I’ve become pretty comfortable with the pattern of my days. I can do college well. I can connect with friends well. I overachieve when it comes to learning, trying new things, and kicking academia’s ass. Well, things are changing.

First off, I haven’t quite discovered whether or not I think change is good. I love when the Oregon weather changes from shit-rain to sunny skies. When I change from hungry to satisfied, from cold to comfy. After the last week, however, the pattern of my life has made shifts that I have never had to respond to before. I found out that my position at the student newspaper (along with ten other students) is becoming obsolete… like NOW. Which is kind of a bummer considering I have one more term of college to go and no one wants to hire somebody who plans on dipping out of Eugene in three months. I just welcomed a baby, 6lb. Keane, into my schedule as a part-time nanny- although this birth also means that the childrens’ real mom is relieved from her work and school duties. This, in turn, means I am currently out of both jobs.

“What a disaster!” I think. Because now my life gets a little more difficult. Now, paying for the cost of living as a student in an over-priced Oregon community becomes a challenge. Bring it on. Not only will I have more time to think up where my life will be headed in three months, but I’ll also be able to dedicate some serious hours to looking for great opportunities where I can learn new things and continue kicking ass. So, life changes- I evolve.


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