24. What’s Your Twist?

30 Nov

The number of jobs for advertising and promotion managers should grow by about 13 percent between 2008 and 2018. The Bureau of Labor Statistics  indicates that this growth will occur largely because of the increased competition amongst businesses that wish to promote their products and beat out their competitors. Advertising account planners will be in demand, especially those who have a knack or reputation for creative and effective advertising insights.  (Jared Lewis)

As an aspiring planner, this news is encouraging. However, as a 2012 graduate with only 6 more months in the comfortable confines of college life- 2018 projections are FAR AWAY.

Rounding up fall term is truly a breath of fresh air. I can honestly confess that with two jobs and a full schedule of classes (not to mention trips out of state and college football weekends!), I’ve bit off more than I could chew. Fortunately, my time-management skills have improved since freshman year and I’ll manage to pull out of this term with my consistent GPA and a few pieces to show for my hard work.

I’m thankful for such a grueling term. A note to new challenges and old doubts alike, I’m better prepared this time. You won’t get me down, my friends.  I feel like I finally became aware and conscientious of life outside the college dreamland. And I know, now, that I can do that life. I can kick ass at it. Bring on the job search.


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