22. Thanksgiving Weekend Has Evolved Into Something Horrible

27 Nov

Gone are the days when I looked forward to coming home for Thanksgiving weekend, taking my shoes off, and watching college football for three straight days. Not only did it take nearly four hours to make a 1.5 hr trip home from Eugene in mid-day traffic, but it took 30 minutes to drive the two miles from the freeway exit to my doorstep, due to crazy weekend shoppers. It wasn’t even black friday yet and the vehicles populating Portland area streets had tripled in one afternoon.

What happened to tradition? What happened to the holiday spirit? Our weakened economy welcomes commercial chaos. Marketing ploys have indirectly instigated violent uproars. People are getting hurt over discounted sale items. This is ridiculous, people.

According to James Roberts from Baylor University, “Shopping is like a drug.” And Americans are more addicted this year than ever. There are, however, ways to avoid the addiction.



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