21. I’m In Love

25 Nov

I’m always down to discover new cities. And I’ve been to many. But the amount of newfound love I have for the city of San Francisco is overwhelming me (and the people who are obligated to spend time with me). I visited for the millionth time over the weekend, but it was my first time without my family and I can honestly say that I plan on running to SF, diploma in hand, around Junetime. Staying on Union Street gave me so much design inspiration. Walking on the sidewalk, I sighed and thought, “THIS is what a charming city street is supposed to look like.” Oregon’s similar streets (like NW 23rd in Portland or Eugene’s Broadway) don’t even compare. The amount of thought and clean design that is injected into each and every store environment on Union motivates me to put more effort and thinking into the small details in my work. Here are a few examples of rockin’ Union signs:



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