17. The Future?

15 Nov

TNW’s article on the future of social media really hits home with me. Social media and its connectedness to audio/visual technology is expanding rapidly. For this reason, I wish I had the time to be even nerdier and become a video-editing software whiz. The article talks about the intuitive nature of video and the ways in which modern communication needs to connect to the audience.

(photo cred. ryanrenfrew.com)

If you look at this “future” theory point blank, it makes so much sense. People are invested in products and brands they believe in, hence the justification behind a reported $15 million dollar Harry Potter brand. Emotions are better evoked by movies than by magazines. Taking that principle online has allowed brands to have a cinematic presence in the past. Now, however, brands are gravitating toward transparency, toward showing what they’ve got or what they’ve done in a medium that allows for REALITY to shine through.

If you look at your daily twitter feed, you’ll notice that the majority of original content offers pictures, videos, or articles from other sources as evidence to the tweet. By providing evidence, these twitter accounts are creating content that opens itself up to its audience. It asks to be deserving of a reaction.

The trend we’re seeing is that communication messages, in general, are evolving into more of a story. People are beginning to define themselves by their emotions. Brands are defining themselves by their mantra, by what they offer the average American. And since brands are stories, the future of social media sure has its hands full of them.


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