11. Do Good Design

12 Nov

As I’m in the process of creating for an Asbury Design project, I’m realizing that making a relevant document appealing is just as important as stressing its relevance in the first place.

I know it’s not in our nature to read the fine print, but embedded within that print can be the most important messages that the document has to offer. I understand that this is a hopeless argument for the general audience because normal people don’t have time to sit through it. I also know that some normal people have royally effed themselves by signing up on something that provides no true benefit, only empty promises.

Yesterday, I saw a tweet that read, “Do I have to read the fine print on my Life Insurance policy?” Are you kidding me? It’s your LIFE. It’s your entire net worth. It’s your only family in the entire world. Of course you should read it, but as a creator of messages… does it make the policy more relevant. No.

David Craib said, “Design should never say ‘Look at me.’ It should always say ‘Look at this.'” So look. What a pretty budget.

And see. You can say “You owe me money” while seeming like you’re blowing kisses:


The best way to resolve this problem is to make the context more interesting than the content. Match the reader’s energy level through design and you’ll make the project worth reading. And if you’re design-challenged, I can help! After I finish this project for Asbury.


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