9. Trumps Red Cups

6 Nov















Seattle’s Best Coffee – Creature. (You must scroll down the page to watch the film)

In the season of Starbucks’ red cups, it’s hard to find an example of better brand awareness technique. Well, leave it to Starby’s little brother, Seattle’s Best Coffee, to one-up red cups with… a monstrous red refrigerator.

In The Idea Writers, Iezzi speaks of the “titanium moment of advertising.” Creature couldn’t have taken this term more literally. With the goal of making the iced latte part of the consumer’s regular morning routine, Creature set up an opportunity for city walkers to stop and partake in something unique.

The concept was simple; none of us are strangers to product promotion efforts. However, the fridge brought an element of unexpectedness that hot girls in sponsor-stickered clothing just don’t offer anymore.

I do wonder how much red refrigerator sales jumped up after this sexy appliance was unleashed.

Disclaimer: This execution happened in 2010. It is not new. Hopefully, Seattle’s Best busts out something real cool, real soon, so that I can rave more about coffee.


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