10. Don’t Follow The Rules

6 Nov

The creative industry stresses that in order to have a successful and recognizable brand, it must maintain consistency. In color choices, in typography, in strategy, and in service, the brand should play the same song because that’s the way it’s been. Why would you try to fix something that’s not broken?

Good friends, that’s precisely the problem. As soon as we’ve already viewed a ho-hum commercial and it comes on a second time – don’t lie – we mute the TV or flip the channel. We glance over makeup ads in fashion magazines. We learn to tune out the same, old, “Be-a-Man” beer ads that pollute sports entertainment. Unless something is eye-catching, it just doesn’t matter much.

Justin Cox from ClickZ argues that “the true opportunity lies in brand inconsistency. It’s the notion that a brand doesn’t have to look the same; it just has to feel the same.”



image cred. Central Washington University

Here, I’ve made a list of brands that I think have made changes but feel the same:

  • Levis. Still real with more style.
  • Nike. You know when you see a Nike ad because of the way it makes you feel.
  • Trader Joes.
  • Lululemon.
  • Goldfish Crackers.

And a list of those who have the will, but not the way:

  • JCPenney. Stay in your middle price-range market. People love you for who you are.
  • Facebook. Please stop changing your user experience. Please?
  • AOL.
  • Kricket Wireless.

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