8. Reinventing Time

25 Oct

Thomson’s new ad campaign comes to television just in time for the holidays. Their video, which ran during The X Factor in the UK, captures the essence of vacations with very little self-promotion and a healthy dose of authenticity.

It’s nice, you know, to watch a commercial that advertises vacation investment without being bombarded by beautiful scenery, flamboyant (and often unrealistic) perks and world-class cuisine, and actors who are overexerting themselves as happy vacation-goers. Instead, Thomson takes a minimalist approach to the art of promotion. They create a 1:30 spot. It gracefully covers all of the basics, abides by the brand’s strategy, and offers a testament to simplicity at its finest.

This ad proves that not every ad has to make the respective product look like the best thing that’s ever existed on earth. It uses beautiful music, well-crafted prose, and a timely sense of strategic execution to hit viewers hard, emotionally and practically. I know one thing: if I had seen that commercial live, I would have definitely visited Thomson’s website to learn more about their services.

The concept of time is so simple. It almost seems like a cop-out, huh? Well, it shines.


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