7. Important “F” Words

17 Oct

Everyone is going digital. Everyone, including large corporations who have no experience in the online realm nor the employee expertise that’s so necessary in order to get it, is advancing. To sum it all up: “Change is the new norm”, and nothing stays static (regardless of its current state).

To quote Gary Vaynerchuk, wine connoisseur and widely-respected social media expert, “Most businesses are using social media like a 19 year old boy trying to close on the first date.” Those businesses  put no authentic, transparent effort into the American consumer base. They are simply just trying to get it in. To score.

The co-authors of The Social Organization: How To Use Social Media to Tap the Collective Genius of Your Customers and Employees, Bradley Anthony (@BradleyAnthonyJ) and Mark McDonald (@markpmcdonald), have come up with a way to compartmentalize business leaders by their utilization of and outlook on social media.

  • Folly: leaders have an entertainment perspective on social media and fail to recognize its business value
  • Fearful: leaders view social media as an inhibitor and a distraction from productivity and some are even afraid to learn more about it and begin to utilize it
  • Flippant: leaders understand that social media is only growing and more energy, focused on the community engagement, is needed
  • Formulating: leaders value its strategic and collaborative potential
  • Forging: leaders encourage the entire organization to use the medium and increase their activity and successes
  • Fusing: leaders treat social media as an integrated part of the business effort and use it to their advantage- absolutely ROCKING their strategy and execution on a digital level

For those businesses who are Failing, with a capital “F”, I have for you a little insightful clip from MC Hammer’s presentation to the Stanford Business School regarding transparency and communication in social media. And no, unfortunately, it’s not musical.

It continuously amazes me how frequently I have conversations with business leaders in the Portland area who believe that it was their own personal epiphany to engage their business in social media or that they are using the social media avenue to “connect with young people” or, in some surprising cases, that they haven’t even set up meaningful accounts at all. These individuals are some  influential community members and professional contacts who could have a profound effect on their professional environment and their brand if they would just give it an honest effort.

Making an impact doesn’t necessarily require having profound ideas; it relies on caring about the future and the people that surround you on a daily basis.



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