1. Without Words

2 Oct

This clip promoting goodwill for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals really capitalizes on the idea that actions speak louder than words. The message is clear: in order to improve a patient’s personal wellness, their supporters should share their fighting spirit.

The fact that the entire 1:30 min segment is performed without words and still evokes an emotional reaction that resonates with the viewer even after the commercial has ended is applaudable. The footage of the boy’s tagging in dark light creates suspense and a reason to watch further.  The line, ‘Sometimes It Takes More Than Medication,’ in conjunction with the identifiable relationships between a mother and son (and a brother and sister) allow the Pfizer brand to radiate empathy. And thus, an element of ‘family’ exists between the audience and the product. AWESOME.

The ad received criticism from The Nograf Network for “endorsing” graffiti vandalism. However, the main purpose of this non-profit (Nograf) is to prevent graffiti art and I happen to think that street art can be used as a medium for impacting guerilla expression. Just look at Banksy or Shepard Fairey.  I have an ever-developing obsession with brands showcasing their viral marketing efforts in a simple, understated manner. More of these examples are bound to drop into the future of this blog.

If a wordless commercial can communicate any equally motivating call-to-action as other campaigns that rely on dialogue (or sometimes raised voices), more power to them.


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